1. What is EValetz?

EValetz – Valet Parking Management System, is an application developed for web and mobile which managesĀ valet parking process. It’s developed by Infonion Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

2. What is the main advantage of using EValetz?

EValetz provides below benefits:

  1. Current status of all parked / requested cars
  2. Track records anytime, anywhere
  3. Send / download reports, when required
  4. Automated daily reports\
  5. No paper valet cards
  6. No waiting time
  7. Unlimited parking entry

3. Does it require internet?

Yes. It works using Internet.

4. How do I get started?

Reach us to get started.

5. Does this app available in Google Play Store?

No. It will be provided to the needy on demand.

6. Does this application works offline?

Yes. All data can be entered offline but to receive a request, internet is required.


1. Is my data secured?

Your data is completely secure and private. We have enabled SSL which prevents any unwanted / unauthorized data access / modifications.

2. Is it possible to install EValetz within our premises?

Yes. EValetz can be installed within your premises.


1. Is free trial available?


2. How many days I get free trial?

It will be provided for 14 days and may be extended based on your need.

3. Does it require internet?

Our team will visit your premises with app installed Smart phones and EValetz cards for trial run.

4. Does this application works offline?

Unlimited number of cars can be added using this app.

5. How many venues can be added with one subscription?

One subscription can be used for only one venue.

6. How many users (Chauffeurs / Drivers / Managers) can be added?

Unlimited number of users can be added.


1. Does EValetz app only works on mobile?

Our Valet Parking Management System available for both web and mobile. We recommend android mobiles. But you can monitor using Desktops and Tablets.

2. Does EValetz app support IOS, Windows mobiles?

No. EValetz app primarily available for Android devices. But it can be compiled in IOS & Windows, based on the customer requirement.

3. What is EValetz card?

It is a reusable plastic valet card which will replace your paper valet card.

4. How many EValetz cards will be provided?

It depends on the subscription. Please write to to know the details.

5. Do I get additional EValetz cards each year on renewal?

Additional EValetz card will be given to updated subscription plan only.

6. How this app help during function or an event to manage huge number of cars?

Two or three persons can manage hundreds of cars by adding minimum details like ticket number and plate number. Parking zone can be updated later.

7. How do I get reports?

Daily reports will be automatically sent to the registered email.

8. Is it possible to export the generated report?

Yes. You can export the report in Excel format.

9. How do I generate reports?

Account Admin and Manager able to access & generate reports in the EValetz app, when required.

10. How long my data will be stored?

All your data will be stored for 30 days after sending monthly report.

11. Is it possible to customize the EValetz app?

Yes. Development charges will be applicable depending upon the functionality.

12. Does it have additional feature?

Yes. It has special features which can be customized based on the requirement.

13. How to make a car request?

Guest can make a car request through online or handing over the EValetz Card to the Valet Desk.

14. How can we access the data?

You can access the real time data using our mobile/web app. Also detailed report will be sent to the registered email(s) on daily basis.


1. How long I get the support?

Support will be provided throughout the year for registered users.

2. Is the support chargeable?


3. How can I get support?

Access HELP & SERVICES tab in EValetz app to reach our team or write to


1. How much EValetz app costs?

Please check the app cost in Pricing section.

2. Is it onetime payment or subscription based?

This is Subscription based with yearly commitment.

3. How do I get subscription?

EValetz trial will be upgraded upon receiving the necessary subscription fee.

4. How do I make a payment for subscription?

Our account details will be shared and the payment can be made through cheque or online transfer.

5. Is there any hidden charges?