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Guest receives the car when required without wasting a second

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Track records anywhere, anytime


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Data can be added offline

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Daily transactions sent to the registered email

Increased Efficiency

Pressure on chauffeurs gets reduced which increases efficiency


It’s not easy to break a 50+ year’s tradition in a fortnight but we concerned the amount of paper used in the valet parking services around the world. Besides, Guest stand in the Porch for minutes to receive their car. Therefore, we created EValetz – android mobile application which provides solution for both problems. But our ambitions won’t stop there.


Our vision is to become the number 1 valet parking mobile application & process facilitator for hotels, malls, stores and other business centres globally.



Best suitable for properties like Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks…etc which is handling lesser than 250 cars per day an average.


Best suitable for Valet Parking Service Providers who is managing multiple properties like Hotels / Restaurants / Theme parks…etc in order to provide their Valet Services to Clients.


Best suitable for Hotels / Restaurants / Theme Parks...etc which is handling more than 250 cars per day an average.

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Oscar Services LLC

Oscar Services LLC

Valet Parking Service Provider in Dubai

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