It’s not easy to break a 50+ year’s tradition in a fortnight but we concerned the amount of paper used in the valet parking services around the world. Besides, Guest stand in the Porch for minutes to receive their car. Therefore, we created EValetz - android mobile application which provides solution for both problems. But our ambitions won’t stop there.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number 1 valet parking mobile application & process facilitator for hotels, malls, stores and other business centres globally.


No Waiting Time

Guest receives the car when required without wasting a second

Increased Efficiency

Pressure on chauffeurs gets reduced which increases efficiency


No paper / stationery required

Track Records

Track records anywhere, anytime

Automated Reports

Daily transactions sent to the registered email

Unlimited Transaction

Add N number of cars

Parking Types

Free or Paid parking is available

Fee customization

Parking fees can be collected hourly or fixed basis

Performance Reports

Download performance report on hourly basis


Plan your strategy using this feature

Offline Access

Data can be added offline

Outlet Validation

Validator can reduce / remove the parking fees of a Guest

Vehicle Status

Car status can be displayed in Monitor


EValetz app works Android PDA, Mobile & Web

Special Requests

Guest can request car at specific time


Connect printer using bluetooth to print receipts, when required

Our Clients

Oscar Services LLC

EValetz App Functioning In

  • Cartoon Network
  • Rough Draft Studios
  • SpongeBob Movie #2
  • Apple Computers
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • Wonka Chocolates and Candy
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • Wonka Chocolates and Candy
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • Wonka Chocolates and Candy

How It Works

EValetz - Future of Valet Parking



₹1,20,000*/ Year
100 Cars / Day

110 EValetz Cards


₹1,50,000*/ Year
100-200 Cars / Day

220 EValetz Cards


₹1,80,000*/ Year
201-300 Cars / Day

330 EValetz Cards


₹2,40,000*/ Year
301-400 Cars / Day

440 EValetz Cards


₹3,00,000*/ Year
401-500 Cars / Day

550 EValetz Cards


₹3,60,000*/ Year
500 Cars / Day

750 EValetz Cards


$7,500 / Year
Unlimited Cars

Service Provider

$15,000 / Year
Unlimited Locations
*Government taxes (as applicable from time to time) shall be charged extra.

Training & Technical support will be provided throughout the year for all plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EValetz is an android mobile application which manages valet parking process.

EValetz provides below benefits:

  • Current status of all parked / requested cars
  • Track records anytime, anywhere
  • Send / download reports, when required
  • Automated daily reports
  • No paper valet cards
  • No waiting time
  • Unlimited parking entry

Yes. It works using Internet.

Reach us solutions@evaletz.com to get started.

No. It will be provided to the needy on demand.

Yes. All data can be entered offline but to receive a request, internet is required.


Your data is completely secure and private. We have enabled SSL which prevents any unwanted / unauthorized data access / modifications.

Yes. EValetz can be installed within your premises.



It will be provided for 14 days and may be extended based on your need.

Our team will visit your premises with app installed Smart phones and EValetz cards for trial run.

Unlimited number of cars can be added using this app.

One subscription can be used for only one venue.

Unlimited number of users can be added.


Support will be provided throughout the year for registered users.


Access HELP & SERVICES tab in EValetz app to reach our team or write to support@evaletz.com


We recommend android mobiles. But you can monitor using Desktops and Tablets.

No. EValetz app primarily available for Android devices. But it can be compiled in IOS & Windows, based on the customer requirement.

It is a reusable plastic valet card which will replace your paper valet card.

It depends on the subscription. Please write to sales@evaletz.com to know the details.

Additional EValetz card will be given to updated subscription plan only.

Two or three persons can manage hundreds of cars by adding minimum details like ticket number and plate number. Parking zone can be updated later.

Daily reports will be automatically sent to the registered email.

Account Admin and Manager able to access & generate reports in the EValetz app, when required.

Yes. You can export the report in Excel format.

All your data will be stored for 30 days after sending monthly report.

Yes. Development charges will be applicable depending upon the functionality.

Yes. It has special features which can be customized based on the requirement.

Guest can make a car request through online or handing over the EValetz Card to the Valet Desk.

You can access the real time data using our mobile/web app. Also detailed report will be sent to the registered email(s) on daily basis.


Please check the app cost in Pricing section.

This is Subscription based with yearly commitment.

EValetz trial will be upgraded upon receiving the necessary subscription fee.

Our account details will be shared and the payment can be made through cheque or online transfer.