Free / Paid Venue

Manage both free and paid valet parking with a click of a button.

Fixed / Hour Based Fee

Paid venues can be managed as fixed / hour / day based Fee.

Collect Fee during Check-in / Check-out

Fee can be collected during check-in if fixed cost / collected later for any other type.

Paper Valet Tickets

Works very well with your existing printed paper Valet Tickets

Plastic Valet Tickets

Use pair of Plastic Cards and Bluetooth Printer for Printing Key Copy

Print Tickets on demand

Print Key, Dashboard and Guest Print while check-in the Car using Bluetooth Printer.

Outlet / Shop Discounts

Extend your business with Venue Shops and provide discounts on Parking Fee

Track Records

Track records anywhere, anytime

No Waiting Time

Guest receives the car when required without wasting a second


Plan your strategy using this feature

Offline Access

Data can be added offline

Automated Reports

Daily transactions sent to the registered email

Increased Efficiency

Pressure on chauffeurs gets reduced which increases efficiency


It’s not easy to break a 50+ year’s tradition in a fortnight. We wanted to implement an intuitive solution in valet parking management application. to help the Guests, Security Managers and Chauffeurs. Therefore, we created EValetz android mobile application which provides solution for both problems. But our ambitions won’t stop there. Infonion is the Parent company and EValetz is our product.


Our vision is to become the number 1 valet parking mobile application & process facilitator for hotels, malls, stores and other business centers globally.

Valet Parking Key Challenges

  • Guest needs to wait in porch to get his / her car
  • Guest do not have option to view the status of his / her car which is requested
  • Security Manager or Valet Parking In-Charge don’t get any system to track the status live, such as Cars Parked, Cars Processed so far for the day
  • Security Manager or Valet Parking In-Charge don’t have their past records for a festival / function / holiday event which would help them to plan their resources for the events.
  • Chauffeur get pressure some times and idle for some times.
  • Operational Manager don’t know how effectively their valet services are processing the request
  • Venue Owners – it is difficult to get the live status of Valet Parking happening across multiple venues.
  • Venue Owners – don’t have option to view which venue / when a particular venue gives more revenue in Valet Parking



Best suitable for properties like Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks…etc which is handling lesser than 250 cars per day an average.


Best suitable for Valet Parking Service Providers who is managing multiple properties like Hotels / Restaurants / Theme parks…etc in order to provide their Valet Services to Clients.


Best suitable for Hotels / Restaurants / Theme Parks...etc which is handling more than 250 cars per day an average.

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